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The Big Secret

Yes, today we will teach you the big secret – how to search customers of Hubspot CRM.

Step 1: Searching keywords from Job sites like Indeed, Ziprecruiter, and Dice.

You might be thinking why are we searching Jobsites to find out customers of Hubspot CRM? Is this crazy?
It sounds crazy, although it is real.

Other global data services and b2b database providers use the same technique on b2b email list and charge you a bomb price, but we are teaching you this research technique at no cost.

Let’s assume that XYZ, a global data services company, uses Hubspot CRM for their marketing activities and they need a Marketing Manager or any CRM personnel to work in their company. XYZ company will now post a job across different job portals to fill up a position of vacant personnel in their company. If we analyze, it’s quite evident from the fact that if an XYZ Company has posted a job for personnel to work in their “Hubspot CRM” environment, then definitely they are using “Hubspot CRM” at their premises.

It’s not essential that an XYZ company should be looking for the marketing professional, it can be anyone!

The most important measure is that the XYZ company should mention somewhere that they are using Hubspot CRM or they need the desired candidate to have previous experience of Hubspot CRM.

There can be cases where a Hubspot partner/reseller or a recruitment agency has posted a job that is using Hubspot, and they are not the actual customers.

Here are some cases where you can quickly identify an End User or an Agency.

Case 1: Here you would notice from the below screenshot that BARBRI is looking for a CRM Manager. You can go through the job description in detail.
CRM Manager

The below screenshot says it all, BARBRI needs an ideal candidate with two years of experience, and working with HUBSPOT CRM would be a perfect choice. The below screenshot confirms BARBRI is using Hubspot CRM at their premises.

.hubspot requirement

To further confirm my stance, I went on to Builtwith (web technology profiler tool) and checked the web technology stack for BARBRI, and it was bang on!

Barbri technology profile

I believe now most of you might have got an idea of how to get to search companies using Hubspot CRM or any other Installed technology for that matter.

Case 2: Now, let’s look at this case where Brightwater is looking for a candidate to have experience in “Hubspot” or any other platforms. They have posted a job for Hubspot, and are not using Hubspot at their premises as they are a recruitment agency who is posting a job on behalf of its client. You need to avoid Hubspot resellers and recruitment agencies, the best way to do that is to check the company and read the job description.

LinkedIn Job Description

Step 2: You can analyze the web technologies used on a Website through free tools like;

Similar Tech

Note: Through these tools, you can only analyze Web technologies, not on Premise-based technologies. Job Sites keyword researching is the best way to determine deployed on-premise applications.

You can check the above four sites to detect what type of web application is used on the website. I will personally recommend Builtwith as it provides in-depth research and other market intelligence features which is worth a shot.

Built with - Home

Step 3: Now, let’s move to some more Research which would help you to find out customers of Hubspot CRM.

Case 1: Customer Testimonials

So, to search for customer testimonials, I go to the Godfather – Google!

The Godfather Google has the answer to most of your problems, and you should know where to look.

So, I searched Hubspot CRM “Testimonials” and found out the below links to Hubspot customers. Some of the links come from Hubspot partner’s as well who are their customers and ultimately using Hubspot CRM.


Hubspot customer testimonials

hubspot - customers

Case 2: Customer Reviews

Let’s go back to the Godfather Google and search Hubspot CRM “Reviews.”

You can research customer reviews and find End Users from Software review websites like:

Software Advice
Trust Radius

Here are some of the customer reviews;

G2 crowd - products - hubspot crmCapterra - best crm

best crm available

hubspot crm - reviews

You might have noticed that it’s a bit of research, and it’s worth the effort where you would have customers of any IT Application for FREE!

End Users data provided by b2b database providers and data append companies of any application is GOLD MINE as you can leverage this data for integration, migration, consulting, and other IT services.

So, Cha-Ching! Your minimal research effort can gain you the dollars.

We will look forward to your comments.


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