Do You Know Technographics Well?

How well do you know your technographics data?

Being part of the B2B marketing and sales, you must be aware of what’s happening around. To ensure that your business is on par with the industry, you leave no stone unturned. Technographics data gives you a complete understanding of your targeted accounts’ hardware and software usage. Undoubtedly, there are tonnes of B2B marketing trends out there that you have been using so far. But with technographics you get to know the technology-buying behavior of prospects.

Businesses spend billions every year to get their technology stack on point. However, it becomes tough for marketers to keep track of everything they do.

A company’s technographic profile can help you identify available opportunities in your domain. 

Why You Must Get Technographics Data

To achieve a comprehensive data-driven marketing strategy, get your hands-on some significant facts:

  • Working on ABM strategy

    Such a strategy can personalize your campaigns as per the attributes and needs of your target group. This will take you closer to the information of recent tech upgrades of your prospects. 75% of customers say that they prefer personalized offers. 

ABM Strategy for technographics data

The example of Salesforce is the best when it comes to ABM strategy. Its team along with an account-based partner built an Account-Based Marketing program. This perfectly went on targeting accounts. It was easier to understand the tech stack of the prospects.

Technographics helped to bridge the gap between sales and marketing as well.

  • Content with a Call

    Content plays a crucial role in effectively driving your marketing goals. The use of technographics to personalize content and making it relevant is effective. Leads will show more interest in your products if it is personalized and created keeping their requirements in mind.

Content is one of the key for technographics data

  • Quicker conversion and close rates

    Weed out things that come between you and your customer’s fit is the first thing to strike. This inevitably improves conversion rates. Thereafter, know your customers’ intentions regarding purchases. It helps you contact them at the right time.

Closes happen faster, with no wasted time and calls.

  • Understand needs as per tech stack

    Analyzing your customer’s technology is vital. Try to understand the gaps and challenges they face. Moreover, know what opportunities are best for them. This would give your product a better position in comparison to its solution. 

Is it Possible to boost your Customer Satisfaction Rating through Technographics?

The short answer for this is yes. 

Customer Satisfaction Rating through Technographics data

Having technographics data handy gives you an edge over your competitors. This data helps those who are new to the market and are yet to make a mark. Similarly, it can aid those who are trying to take over their competitors. Only a reliable source would be able to provide you with relevant information.  It is then passed through an intricate process of compliance to deliver reliability and accuracy.  

A few more pointers that can bring you closer to your goals—

  • Are you engaging right?

    Engaging with your target customers to know their needs makes your work easier. So, think that about the proper techniques of campaigning to catch the attention of customers.

  • Create What matters

    Personalization and relevance of your actions are both main pillars in B2B marketing. Knowing the hardware and software stack of target customers guide you with varied marketing techniques. This has more chances to hit the bull’s eye.

  • Custom Offers Go a Long Way

    When you know about the technologies or plans of your customers, you will be noticed faster. Accordingly, offer them free trials or freemium or custom offers. 

  • Conversations to Convert your Leads

    As B2B technographics providers, it is ideal to have meaningful conversations with customers. For instance, try talking about their technology-adoption patterns or technology-buying behavior.

Is it Required to Expand your Customer Base with Technographics?


Equipped with the right data, B2B marketers can improve their targeting practices. Additionally, marketing measures, outreach, and campaigns are enhanced to help reach increased ROI. 

What technographics do here is—

  • Determine the Total Addressable Market (TAM) based on accounts in-need of your  tech solution   or product
  • Identify customer accounts that are most likely to make purchases
  • As per the technology-buying of the audience, optimize your marketing content. 
  • Prioritize efforts of the sales team based on leads with a higher possibility to convert. 

 The way an organization adopts technology is a clear indicator of how it runs its overall business strategy. Some of the best technographic data providers have primarily focused on getting the appropriate competitor analysis.

This data makes it easy to recognize the best of opportunities available. Boosting competitor analysis based on your target accounts’ current and future needs are also add-ons. 

In short, technographics in this regard would help:

  • In identifying main competitors including the vertical plan they target in future
  • In studying their techno-marketing strategy
  • Identifying their new markets and opportunities

Opportunities for best technographic data providers

With technographics data, you can easily manipulate and optimize the customer journey. In addition, make changes to the inbound marketing funnel and modify nurturing leads.  When you do things that best suit their needs, you easily win their confidence. Hence, it will reflect into the greater success of converting these clients into patrons.

Most of your competitors aggressively run marketing campaigns without any direction. But, using technographic data to market your product is more sophisticated. As discussed, when you exchange relevant information with your client, they are more likely to trust your services.

What Do We Learn?

What we learn?

Based on how you nurture technographics data, the customer journey could be any of the following:


There may be prospects who don’t want to hurry in trying out products or solutions. Maybe they are looking for a complete educational journey. It would educate them on the advantages of your product. And, then smartly lead them through the sales funnel.


Your solution has to enrich, optimize, and integrate seamlessly with prospects’ technologies. Free-trials are a great way to get leads to your product.


Leads using competitors’ products or services are more suitable for this. Herein, you have to pitch in and convince them. How? Give them reasons to switch from their current products to yours.  

Infotanks Media is one of the leading B2B technographic data providers in the market. For assured high deliverability rates and better ROI for your business, give us a call or write to us at [email protected].

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