It’s that beautiful time of the year when your business seems to get comfortable for the upcoming holidays. It’s also that time when you want to scale your marketing efforts but cannot attract your audience. Inaccurate data can be a possible reason for this!

B2B marketing data accuracy not only determines the audience’s reach but even quality. With high data quality, you can be assured of your campaigns, reaching only a relevant professional group. It further helps in reducing the turnaround time. Your entire marketing focus is directed towards a target audience. Such data can be used across multiple digital marketing platforms.

Let’s find out how email marketing services can help in getting closer to your target audience!

Several reports have claimed that an average return of $42 can be expected for every dollar spent on email marketing, making it the third most popular distribution channel.

If you thought email marketing to be just a combination of formally written words, we’d like to break the bubble – it’s more than just that! Successful email campaigns are highly strategic, data-driven, and structured. Some experts are skilled in positioning highly various email marketing campaigns successfully. Infotanks Media, a B2B marketing data agency, has an entire team dedicated to email marketing services!

Key insights into understanding your customers better:

With digitalization overpowering even the B2B market, direct contact like vendors, key decision-makers lead the purchase journeys. Marketing and advertising are now evaluated based on value-add. It is the first step towards gaining customer trust and loyalty.

Here are five ways you can improve with B2B email marketing services:

email marketing

  1. Personalize overall experience
  2. Lead through segmentation
  3. Full-funnel marketing
  4. Engage through marketing
  5. A/B testing campaigns
1. Personalize the overall experience

Even though a simple personalization of greetings can offer a 6-fold increase in responses yet, 70% of companies fail to personalize their emails.

B2B marketing data can help you take personalization a step further with inputs on technology, geographies, industry, job titles, and more. You can focus on understanding customers and how your business solutions are apt for their organization. For example, a marketing director and a Chief technology officer may have entirely different goals. Their perspective, while opening emails, will be different. If you promote unique content relevant to the two audience groups, they will be more likely to engage with your email campaigns. Such data can also help inaccurate targeting of paid advertising across different channels.

2. Lead through segmentation

Targeting customers based on their customer lifecycle position is one of the best ways to reach them. With customer data, you can re-engagement or follow-up with prospective customers based on their specific needs. The scope of data segmentation is vast and accessing its full potential is almost endless. Your business and marketing strategies need to work in-line with segmentation for accurate results. It enables sophisticated personalization, which brings you closer to your target audience.

3. Full-funnel marketingfull funnel marketing

Simply put, a marketing funnel is the different stages of promotion that led to purchasing and retention. With omnichannel marketing, this funnel has got more complicated. It includes pre-and post-purchase stages of the prospects’ purchase journey. Full-funnel marketing is focused on spending time and money on valuable and profitable returns only. You can customize the marketing funnel based on the prospect’s journey to provide a uniquely evolved purchase experience.

Fun fact: 67% of your prospects are engaged on a digital platform, making email marketing an ideal way to communicate with them.

4. Engage through marketing

engage through marketing

A human being’s average attention span is found to be around 8 seconds, which is less than a goldfish!

Unless you send relevant content, you cannot expect results from your marketing campaigns. A data-driven approach ensures you send relevant content to a targeted audience. Effectively educating your prospects with useful content is more likely to engage them. In return, it results in successfully converting them based on their interest.

For example, a young company has scaled up its growth and experimented with new technologies to streamline their process. Using technographics data from a B2B marketing data agency such as Infotanks Media, you can promote your offerings. You can directly connect with the decision-makers and help them with your business solution. It can also provide you with a competitive advantage of reaching before anyone else.

5. A/B testing campaigns

A/B testing or split testing is among the most powerful marketing tools. It helps you compare two variations of the same campaign based on content, call-to-action, subject lines, and more. It helps you test opportunities to improve the chances of conversions. With specific tests, you can help in getting a higher ROI. A few ways to conduct split testing is as follows:

  • Subject lines
  • Design
  • Call-to-action
  • Sender name
  • Target audience

A/B testing is a versatile way to understand your target audience. You can document their interests based on predetermined data points.

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Key takeaways:

Email marketing is a surefire way to reach out to your target audience personally. While being customer-centric, adding data to your strategies can amplify results. Partnering with B2B email marketing services like Infotanks Media can help you accelerate your results. You can get in touch with your audience at different stages of their purchase journey. The data can also be customized as per your requirements. For sample data, get in touch with our data experts.

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