Data will always remain powerful for marketers. But let’s find out ‘what is B2B data?’

B2B data or business-to-business data is the information used to amplify your sales and marketing efforts. It can help your business discover new sales opportunities. It helps to connect with your leads directly. For personalizing communication and identifying quality leads, B2B data services should be your go-to providers.

You may think who classifies as a quality lead?

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In general, a lead is an individual or a person representing a business. It is a collection of diverse data points. They either have an interest, authority, means, or motivation to purchase your product or service.

Quality leads can be considered as a source of success for businesses. They are conditionally evaluated.

What are these conditions, you may ask?

  • In-depth information

    A lead is not single information but a cluster of relevant data points. Quality leads combine demographics, firmographics, and contact information—in-depth information about the individuals and the organization they represent. When acquired through B2B data, providers have multiple types of contact information. They enable multi-channel marketing for your organization.

  • Accurate information

    Quality leads are approved only after being processed through data hygiene standards. They are validated to determine all the required fields and their formats. Verification involves ensuring that the data points are correctly aligned. With 90% plus data accuracy, B2B data providers like Infotanks Media, ensure there are no deficient data points.

  • Reliable information

    While accuracy ensures the consistency of data points, reliability determines the process. Lead generation is an ongoing process optimized for bringing in sales. The pandemic has led to several uncertainties, jobs being one of them. With constant hiring and firing, company acquisition, and job switches, the contact decay rate is 6.5% monthly in some industries. Enriching the existing prospects and avoiding decaying of data is vital to acquire high-quality leads.

  • Purpose of information

    Generating revenue is the ultimate goal for any business. Aligning your business operations with your sales leads improves the productivity of your resources. By clearly defining your requirements to B2B data providers, you can acquire quality leads. They provide tailor-made quality leads based on your marketing funnels.

A quality lead is just one step away from becoming customers. Your efforts to attract their attention, provide value, and prove your solutions determines the conversion. The backbone for a marketing strategy is to generate quality leads. To establish a strong pipeline, you will need B2B marketing data strategies to maintain steady growth.

How will B2B marketing data strategies help?

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The ultimate goal for B2B marketing data strategies includes driving growth in profitably, predictably, and consistently. To do so, marketers are investing in various tools and techniques. While they could drive results, have you tried to leverage B2B data?

In today’s times, marketers deal with an abundance of data available across different channels. This data makes achieving goals more attainable.

Here’s how B2B data services can add value to your marketing strategy:

  • Enables multi-channel marketing

    While we explained B2B data, you would have understood that it consists of different types of information. You can customize data points as per your requirements. You can use the acquired B2B data across various channels such as email, social media, direct mails, and mobile marketing.

  • Develops target marketing

    With different data points in hand, you can accurately target your audience. Sales and marketing teams must be aligned and work together. With B2B data, you can target specific audiences that are in line with the sales goals. Amplify the ROI of your online advertising channels using target marketing.

  • Account-based marketing

    Account-based marketing refers to a unique approach where the sales and marketing efforts are pre-defined. It concentrates on a specific target group. Personalization is the key to such marketing efforts.

  • Enable personalized communication

72% of customers have reported engaging with personalized messaging only.

With B2B data, you can personalize not only the communication but even your customer journey. With predetermined customer behavior, from the first email to discounts and offers, everything can be customized. Personalization makes your leads feel essential and relevant. It helps them in decision making.

  • Reach out to decision-makers

    Whether email marketing or social media, with B2B data, you can reach out to decision-makers individually. You can get contact information – direct lines, email addresses, direct mails for your required audience. Infotanks Media even assures 90% plus data accuracy. Isn’t that too good to believe?

But it’s true!

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Infotanks Media follows a holistic approach to ensure data hygiene. We understand that data-driven marketing requires maintenance. What happens if your data isn’t well-maintained?

  • Impacts deliverability

    Whether you engage the inaccurate prospects through emails or social media, the deliverability will be profoundly affected. If the email addresses are wrong, it will lead to hard bounces and lack of engagement. You can observe a profound impact on your reputation with ISPs. Inaccurate data will lower the deliverability rate and increase the no opens rate.

  • Personalization gets inaccurate

    Suppose you’re personalizing based on name, subject line, or offer; you could be conveying the message to the wrong person. Personalization usually helps in attracting prospects by understanding their preferences. But with inaccurate data, your efforts may go unnoticed and even provide a false impression.

  • Quality leads may not be acquired

    All your efforts to score leads with targeted data may go in vain if you are using decayed data. For example, the CEO of a company is the decision-maker for purchasing your product or services. Yet because of the inaccurate data, you’re connecting with the HR executives. Your efforts for converting the prospect are less likely to convert them to a customer.

So you have understood that data-driven marketing requires maintenance. Partnering with B2B data providers can help you leverage the full potential of your data.

How does Infotanks Media maintain data quality?
  • To ensure the highest accuracy of data, we stamp all records and validate every business.
    Data is extracted from public records if county courthouse filings, SEC, 10k filings, and Secretary of State data.
  • Data cleansing is an ongoing monthly process of matching it with the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA), ZIP+4, and Delivery Sequence File to standardize and keep the addresses accurate.
  • Integrating several data analytic and mining tools – both proprietary and third-party – we identify specific companies and their possible IT infrastructure.
    Experts and researchers further verify data through email campaign send-outs, firmographic research, and manual contact validations.
  • We prioritize sharing only high-quality and the most useful data.

Have we answered all your questions on how B2B data providers can help you reach decision-makers directly? Write to us for more information – [email protected].

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