One of the most critical aspects of any B2B business is scheduling appointments. B2B appointment setting is a skill that’s crucial to anyone who’s trying to generate sales and drive revenue to their business. An effective B2B appointment setting is required to schedule sales opportunities.

Scheduling B2B sales appointments is no easy task’ due to the obvious reasons mentioned below;

High-Risk Purchases:

The stakes are quite high in the B2B landscape, so some negotiations may take longer than you have expected. Since more money is at stake, it could take several months for you to close the deal.

Complex Buying Committees:

When you are selling to businesses the process is not that simple compared to when you are selling to an individual. The decision is made involving a bunch of people. The buying committee usually involves many decision makers and some key influencers. Although the number of people involved in the decision making process may be less if you are selling to startups, and SME’s.

Highly Informed Buyers:

Decision makers in the B2B industry have in-depth information about the market, product option, product features, and the cost associated with it before they speak to any sales rep. This is why, sales reps need to stay on the edge by learning all the information about their market, product, features, and of course their competitors. Develop a genuine understanding of your prospects problems and provide the best possible solution.

Sure setting up sales appointments can be tough, but with the help of the right information and tools, you can make the process quite simple. Read and apply the following tips and latest hacks;


Be Prepared:

Organized sales rep appear as trustworthy and reliable. So, make sure you are organized and prepare the necessary docs and relevant information. Try and learn more about your prospect and his business so that you can foresee their query and any concern they may have. “Practice makes a man perfect”- apply this quote and practice several times (you can also do some role-playing) how to introduce your product in the conversation without being irrelevant followed by the main benefits of your services.

Leverage Sales Intelligence Data:

Acquire the necessary data and information about your target prospects and customers before making any calls. Without sales intelligence data, sales reps will have a difficult time connecting with decision-makers and influencing their purchase decisions.

We strongly recommend working with a B2B contact database, so that you have deep insight about your prospects.

Be Respectful of the Prospect’s Time:

If you don’t understand the true value of time then maybe you will understand this, Time = Money. That being said, when your prospect has given some of their valuable time, the least you can do is be respectful and as a token of appreciation for their time, try to provide much value in that time.

Try to be flexible. Rather than giving them a one-time slot, offer different time slots to choose from, so your prospect can choose the most convenient option suitable to them. Send them a quick reply to any inquiries the prospect has between the first conversation and your secondary sales appointment.

Always be a Good Listener:

Speaking much during a sales call is never a good idea especially without letting your prospect speak their mind first, it can turn into a very short sales call. 65% of B2B customers say that their top challenge is dealing with sales reps who are more interested in selling than actually listening to their needs [source].

The key is to listen to the prospect’s problems and any concern they might have, then dive into providing the best possible solution for their problems and answers to their concerns.

Be patient and Persistent, as it May Take a While:

It may take multiple attempts to get the prospect to respond to your messages. This usually happens for highly B2B competitive markets. People are busy and overwhelmed with sales offers. Try to reach them using different channels. Call, email or leave a voice message to get them to agree to a meeting, but don’t be aggressive. Even a negative response today can turn into a “yes” after a few months.

Reconfirming the Meeting is a Bad Idea:

We are not the only one advising against it, Veterans in the field also advise against it. When you ask for re-confirmation, it gives the prospect an opportunity to reconsider. So, instead of asking if the meeting is still on, just send them a reminder. Mention that you look forward to the meeting at the scheduled time.


Setting up a B2B sales appointment can be difficult, but making some smart tweaks in your B2B sales strategy can make the entire process simple and result in an increase of successfully closed deals.

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