The shortest distance between two points is a straight line (known as displacement). This simple fact that we were told countless times in school during our physics class might just hold the secret to outbound sales success.

Sales reps who often fail to hit the phone hard enough, always wonder how they missed their target. All things considered, not every sales outreach opportunity is created equal.

It’s been proven many times that the direct dials, acquired from b2b data providers or b2b list providers are the quickest and the most simple way to get in touch with a person you are trying so hard to get hold of them. So if that’ the situation, then why your sales and marketing reps are still digging through LinkedIn for a business email address that could get your messages opened less than 1% of the time? Doesn’t make sense, right? Try considering the following:

22 minutes to connect using switchboard numbers, with direct dials it only takes 5 minutes [study].

Dialing a direct dial phone number at the director level, your SDR is 46% more likely to connect [study].

Dialing a direct dial number at the VP level, your SDR is 147% more likely to connect [study].

Now, you decide which one’s better! Although, the lesson here is clear: while access to direct phone numbers acquired from b2b list providers or lead list providers will not solve every pain point related to sales outreach, chances of connecting with prospects is significantly higher compared to calling into company switchboards. Amazing, isn’t it!

A study says that sales productivity is a combination of effectiveness and efficiency, I guess you already knew that. But, did you knew that having access to direct dials acquired from b2b data list provider or b2b database provider will not improve your sales team at pitching value propositions to clients or discovering pain points. Thus, while effectiveness is up to your team, direct dials acquired from b2b data providers will improve efficiency and increase your connect rate.

For those in the highly competitive and volatile world of B2B sales, access to accurate, frequently updated direct dial numbers acquired from b2b data providers or b2b list providers just make sense. They allow salespeople to have 18x more conversations. This is pure gold –what every sales person strives and dreams for – a chance to talk to the decision maker.

As a data provider company, our biggest asset is our product and the team responsible for making such a valuable product. We sell products that give people the ability to sell more and reduces the time spent on doing unproductive research.

Does your sales reps struggle to connect with key decision makers? Contact Infotanks Media, a data provider company, today to access our B2B database and Technographics database with direct dials and 34 other data fields.

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