The hardware and software a technology company is using to operate their business can be easily found by technographics data and can be acquired from global data providers. By learning more about the technology products installed at your target accounts, you can improve your precision while targeting and outreach, which will ultimately lead you to a very fast conversion and close rates for your b2b email list acquired from global data providers.

Even demographics and firmographics data are critical to B2B sales, technographics data finishes the whole picture. Without technographics data you will have very few or incomplete insight about the way a company operates, how they complete their buying choices, how they work, the challenges they face, where a company is lacking in the technology department, and what tech they’ll buy next.

Companies still rely on firmographics data (company size, vertical, location) and demographic data, (contact title, work history, social handles) to identify sales targets, to identify ideal customer profiles, total addressable markets, and craft marketing messages. But, this information doesn’t provide much insight on how your prospect work, which tech they are using, and what are they going to buy, or what keeps them up at night. You will be forced to operate blindly without this context. Businesses don’t want to target and pitch to a prospect who won’t buy their product/service. Technographics data acquired from global data providers solve these business problems.

What can we infer about a sales team that just invested in a CRM? Or a marketing team which recently ditched their marketing automation platform? Or a startup that received their first round of funding for $10M and recently visited your website? These signals are key to the power of technographics and are changing the way technology companies sell, market, and support. Technographics client profiling acquired from global data providers enables teams to find the right companies to target.

Example; If you are trying to target Oracle, You definitely don’t want to talk to all of 135,000 employees of Oracle. Maybe you want to talk to VPs of engineering who holds the budget for whatever it is you’re trying to sell. So technographic and ABM can be used to help you find the right audiences [who are in-market for your type of product]. Obviously, the alternative to this is, do you have enough reach? Do you have enough users or cookies or mobile ad IDs to create an audience segment to deliver a message to those businesses you’re trying to target?


Inbound Marketing and Technographics:

Technographics data acquired from global data providers can be easily added to any marketing automation platform to enrich incoming inbound leads when they submit a form. Once the leads have been enriched, you can segment and nurture your leads based on the technologies they use and trigger a notification whenever technology is added or dropped from your prospect technology stack.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Technographics:

By combining technographics data with predictive analysis, you can find new and existing accounts that are similar to your buyer’s persona or ideal customer profile (ICP). Your sales and marketing teams can leverage technographics customer profiling and work in a data-driven manner. You can easily identify which accounts are most likely to buy by responding to signals like technology changes, company news, and funding rounds.

Technographics and Total Addressable Market (TAM):

You can use technographics data acquired from a global data provider company to identify your total addressable market more precisely. You can use tech usage data to identify which companies use specific technologies and provide a profile of those businesses. You can then easily identify all other businesses that meet the same criteria and add it with firmographics data (size, revenue, location, etc.). Your total addressable market is more precise and broad when it is combined with data models that contain technographics data.


Technographics and Sales Teams:

Do you want to destroy your competitor? Find out who uses your competitor’s products/services and target them across multiple channels. Set up alerts to find out when someone adds or drops your competitor’s technology. You can use data enrichment services from top b2b data providers with CRM records so you can personalize pitches that are suitable for every prospect and the technology they use. Get notified when one of your target accounts changes any technology or show other buying signals like receiving funding round or get a new office. Add technographics data with contact data to enhance your sales development efficiency.

Customer Success:

Identify small risks before time by identifying clients who are testing out technology from one of your competitors. Identify which clients are strong for upselling based on buying signals like technology change, company news, and funding rounds. Add technographics with predictive analysis to find clients having the highest lifetime value.

Business Intelligence:

Technographics data is extremely valuable for business intelligence teams. Business intelligence teams can reduce risk and help their businesses in making an informed decision by providing insights on technology deployment around the globe or across any verticals. With the help of technology usage data acquired from market data providers, business intelligence teams can easily find the growth or fall between different client’s profiles and their technology buying habits. You can use this data to gain data-driven insight into whether a product or an R&D team should invest in one innovation or shift in a new direction. Combining this data with other data models, allows your organization to have a better understanding of your competitors, clients, and market opportunities.

More than 45,000 sales, marketing, and business intelligence team members of the best brands use technographics data every day. These include brands like Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Outreach, Zendesk, Dyn, Uberflip, and thousands of other reputed brands.

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