Data quality is of paramount importance when you are sending your email campaigns. Here are the few key factors which you need to keep in mind while executing your email campaigns.

Valid Email addresses:

Valid emails are the backbone of an email campaign as it would directly affect your domain and IP reputation. If your email list has more than 20% hard bounces, then your domain would be blacklisted by the servers marking it as SPAM. Once this happens, anyone sends an email from your company to any outsider; it will land in their SPAM box. This can just happen through one bad list.

Now, there are many online email verification services like Zero bounce, Brite verify, Never bounce, etc. who would provide you a report on valid emails, accept all, invalid emails, spam emails and Do Not Mail emails.

This is Job Half Done!

YES, you read it correctly. Valid emails would be just 20% of the list and rest 50% would be Accept ALL emails, so would you only send your email to 20% of the contacts which have valid and deliverable emails?

What About the Rest 60% ACCEPT ALL Emails?

Accept All emails cannot be verified by these email verification tools as their server is configured to Accept All, where you cannot verify whether the email is deliverable or not. The only possibility is sending an email to the contact and check whether the email is deliverable or not. If you send an email to an Accept All email list and 50% of them just bounce back, then your domain would be in the grave!

Tricky? Right! That’s how complex this email mess is.

We at Infotanks Media are the saviors for those who invest in the email validation process so you have your PEACE with Data!

Here is How We Verify the Emails in Two Steps!

Email Validation: We upload the contact file to the Zerobounce platform to check the validation of email addresses. Once the process is completed, we get results mostlyfor three categoriesas Valid, Catch All, and Invalid.

  • Valid Email: The email addresses which are 100% valid, comes under valid category.
  • Catch-All: The email addresses whose deliverability could not be confirmed, comes under catch-all. The email addresses in the category could be a deliverable email address as well as undeliverable address. This is why we deploy the next process to check the deliverability of the catch-all email addresses.
  • Invalid:These are the email addresses that are not deliverable. You should just delete such email as they are of no use.
verify the emails

Email Campaign:

After the validation process is completed from Zerobounce, emails are then uploaded to our tools and a test email is sent on those email addresses to check their deliverability. Once we have the results, we then add only the deliverable email addresses to the customer data file to further check the accuracy of those deliverable contacts for other data fields explained in the next step.

email dealiverability rate-screenshot

Contact Accuracy Check:

Let’s say now you have achieved the highest email deliverability and 95% of your contacts are receiving your emails. However, it’s not necessary that if your email is reaching the inbox of your contact, it is getting read or adhered for action.

In your highly deliverable email list, 30% of the contacts would NO LONGER BE WORKING IN THE COMPANY. Yes, that’s the harsh reality; most of the companies do not trash the email address if the contact has left the job 6 months or 2 years ago; mainly to maintain customer relationships.

The contact would be of no use if they have left the company months or years ago. The email is deliverable and reaching the inbox but the contact has vanished from its position. Your Investment would be in vain if you are implementing your strategy continuously just to ensure the contact would pay heed to your content.

To eradicate such an issue, we validate each contact through their LinkedIn Profiles and check their employment history with the company and also update their current titles; if they happen to change the role within an organization.

This is how we provide impeccable data with 95% contact accuracy and deliverability!

Now, just imagine the value of such an impeccable data and the impact on your email campaigns would be massive; your campaign statistics would shoot up with more opens, clicks, and leads.

Now, that you understand the affect of data quality on email campaign you will make a smart move and won’t use just any data but only the good data.

We at Infotanks Media are constantly finding ways to improve the quality of data. We know the impact of data on any email campaign as well as on an organization and its revenue.

Need good data? Contact Infotanks Media Today!

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