You already know how it goes- the more subscribers you have on your email list, you will be more successful in your email campaign.

Today, email marketing is a must for every business. Marketers have learned to personalize their emails, leveraging dynamic content, implement automation, optimize for cross-device viewing, and increase their email delivery. That’s why it is very important to have a good email list building strategy in place, and a strategy to scale the list and overtake churn rate.

Benefits of a large email list

Email marketing has an RIO of 43% for businesses in the United States- The direct marketing association (DMA).

Since your email subscribers subscribed to your email list from your sign-up form and verified their identity (double opt-in method), they are more likely to be interested in your offering. So, the chances of these subscribers converting into your paying customers are very high.

It makes complete sense, when you consider all the reasons which make email uniquely powerful marketing channel;

Email is personal

You can easily land into a subscriber inbox using email. You won’t have to go through any ranking systems that could limit your reach. Email is very personal and direct.

Email is targeted

As the user has already indicated his/her interest in your offering. And assuming you already know what they like, you can easily send them more relevant deals using segmentation and get better results.

Email is purposeful

When a user fills out a form and subscribes to your email list for receiving emails from you, after confirming their email address. And when a user goes through this much of trouble is obviously interested in receiving your emails, and will engage with your email.

You own your email list

You do not own or have any control over Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Your search engine and social media efforts can go down the drain whenever there’s a major algorithm or policy update on these platforms. But, you own your email list and is not affected by the decision of other companies.

Email is one-on-one

A user reads his/her email the privacy of their inbox. Your message is not on a publically accessible newsfeed or timeline. And they can communicate with you directly and privately with confidence. These help you to develop a connection with your subscriber and build trust.

People use email several times a day

Facebook had more than 2.32 billion, LinkedIn had more than 250 million, Twitter had 321 million active monthly users across the globe in 2018. What you may have not known is the total number of people using email in their everyday life.

According to Statista, there were more than 4.1 billion active email accounts in 201 4 and is expected to increase to 5.6 billion by 2019 end. That’s huge, right.

This is one of the main reasons every smart company has an email list, long or short.

Many bigger companies knew this fact and learned their lesson a long time ago, and as a result, they spend so much to build their email list using their website, social media, etc.

Email marketing is the most reliable long-term investment with the highest ROI as people will continue to read their messages in the comfort and privacy of their inbox.

(H2)Why email list building is so important?

There are a number of reasons to build an email list, the best ones are explained below;

Emails have a huge reach

Emails have a higher reach than Facebook and Twitter combined. Even LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter uses emails to send notification and requests as people depend heavily on emails.

Fast user adoption rate

When we talk about user adoption rate for email marketing channel, we mean implementing the channel into your company process, so that the entire subscribers who have subscribed to your email list are active users.

Email marketing has the fastest user adoption rate. Globally there were more than 4.3 billion email users in 2018. Consider this, you can easily lead a user to your product landing page but you can’t make him fill out the landing page.

High ROI

Email marketing has always been among the top marketing channel for high ROI. According to research by Constant Contact, for every $1 spends on an email campaign, on average one can expect to earn $38.

Now, let’s discuss the best ways to get 1,00,000 subscribers effectively;

Characterize your potential email subscribers:

You can get more people to subscribe to your email list when you know more about your audience. Create a buyer persona for each subscriber who may be interested in receiving your email.

Each buyer persona should clearly represent a user from your target audience. You may have just a few personas while other companies may have more depending on the nature of their business.

When you have separate persona created for different types of users, you can market to them differently being highly effective in your approach.

Users from each persona will respond differently to different offers, product, service, message, content, etc.

Purchasing email list

You can get your next 1,00,000 genuine subscribers without spending time and without spending any other resource and money on other less effective email list building strategy.

Even if you go with other strategies for growing your email list, you will have to spend money and resource to clean the list.

If you are wondering about the quality and accuracy of purchased lit, then know this, Infotanks Media provides a guarantee of more than 90% email accuracy and email deliverability.

Sign-up with an email service provider (ESP)

The first step in building your email list is to ensure you have an account on an ESP that works well with your specific business model.

If you already have an account with any email service provider, then you are all set and can move on to the next email list building strategy.

But, if you don’t have an account with any ESP, you should first create one if you want to be effective in your list building approach.

When you are comparing ESP, ensure they have the following;

  •    Sign-up forms
  •    Ability to send these sign-up forms to different email lists.
  •  Ability to segment subscribers based on various metrics and behavior.
  •    Ability to send automated messages to segments and lists.

Once you have chosen an ESP considering the above mention points, you will now have everything to build your email list effectively.

The power of remarketing

Remarketing is a smart way to target your website visitors. You can target users that have previously visited your website by showing ads on other website and social media (elsewhere on the internet).

It is not a top secret that remarketing is quite amazing. And if you have used remarketing then maybe you are already in love with the results it can deliver.

Remarketing works by adding cookies on your website visitor device if they fulfill set criteria. Once a user meets the criteria, their cookie ID is added to your remarketing audience list. A unique ID is assigned to each cookie that is generated and is automatically added to your remarketing list.

But, when you are using remarketing to build your email list, you should send them to a simple and targeted landing page that will educate them about the benefits by being on your email list. Add social proof on the landing page to help your website visitors decide why they should trust you.

Standard subscription forms

It should be your first and default ways to build an email list. Using subscription forms to grow an email list is one of the highly effective ways. Although, there some best practices you should keep in mind while using subscription forms for growing your email list.

Keep it short and simple, if you are encouraging users to subscribe to your newsletter, only their name and email address will be enough. Remember, shorter the form, the user is more like to fill out the form.

Even if you want to collect more information, consider collecting just two or three pieces. You can always collect more information once they have opted for your newsletter.

Landing Pages

Use landing pages without any distraction, like no navigation, sidebars and home button. So, create a landing page which has a single goal that is to encourage the user to sign up for your newsletter. You can also use gated contents that are free, as a report, survey, e-book, etc.

Provide information about how their data will be stored and used along with the value they will be getting from your emails.

When you are running ad campaigns to get people to sign-up for your email list, you should always focus on using funnels to get more conversion either when you are collecting subscribers for your email list or collecting sales leads.

When you redirect the users coming from your ad campaign to a landing page instead of your website, your conversion rate is sure to improve.

When you send a user to your website, they might get lost or distracted from other elements on your website. But, when you send a user to your landing page, they are more likely to convert as there are very few or no distraction here as you are focusing on just one element that is to collect their contact details and ask for their permission to send them emails. And at the same time, you add the resources that a user may need in order to sign-up, like giving social proof, what would happen when a user sign-up, etc.

Create lead magnets

It is common human behavior to be skeptical about new things. And as a result, people are quite reluctant to buy anything new for the first time.

A lead magnet is an irresistible incentive/offer that offers specific value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information or/and their permission. Example of lead magnets is an e-book, a PDF guide, templates, report, etc.

A user has to sign-up in order to get the free resource mentioned on your lead magnet form.

Lead magnets are very effective methods for building your email list because it offers an immediate return for the information you are asking.

Most of the list building strategy promise about the value a user will get in return. In case of lead magnets apart from the value which will be delivered to a user inbox, it gives them an immediate value of their interest. This is the primary reason lead magnets are one of the most popular ways to collect contact data of the target audience.


Webinars are a great way to connect with your targeted audience by showing your expertise. Apart from showcasing your expertise, you can interact by sharing hosting details of the webinar, reminders, and reusing webinar to be available on demand

Even when the user doesn’t sign-up after watching your webinar, follow-up with them asking for their feedback or send them a request to take a survey.

Webinars are usually perceived as more valuable content when compared to other types of content as the users can interact personally in real-time with the host and guest if any. It is a live event that is hosted for a limited time and after it is finished it can be made available on demand.

So other than building your email list during the live webinar, you can use your webinar recording to provide it on demand when they subscribe.

So, apart from building your email list, webinars are also great to promote paid offers, like technology products, platforms, etc.

One of the best ways to grow your email list at a fast rate is by collaboration with other companies. It will help you to tap into their audience with whom you are collaborating. To leverage the full extent of webinars, ensure the following;

1)    Plan and create your webinar presentation, with an offer to be introduced to your audience at the end of the webinar. Ensure that you are providing value that would help your users with their goal. It will help you to build trust and it will further result in more conversion, either for selling your product or service, or to add more subscribers on your email list.

2)    Find a collaboration partner that has a good reputation and reach in your industry, then host the webinar personalized for their audience (your partner).

3)    Collect all the sales lead and the new subscriber who signed up to be on your email list.

Tap into similar audience network

Today, marketing technologies are very advanced and are quite simple to use. As a result, if you have an email list of 600 people, you can upload it to Facebook or LinkedIn and these platforms will automatically target these people with the message you create. Once you have defined an audience on these platforms, either by choosing within their audience network or by uploading your audience list, these platforms will target the similar audience that you have created.


Building your email list through the blog is the smart way to encourage people into subscribing to your newsletters.

You have already worked so hard to write great content for your blogs and in bringing users to read those blogs. So, why not use this opportunity to increase your email list without much hassle.

All you have to do is add a subscription form on your blog page. All you have to do keep creating great content for your blog and bringing users to read those blog. Then sit back and relax users who find your blogs to be informative and useful will automatically subscribe to your newsletter.

Although there are few things to consider while adding a subscription form on your blog page.

Make the form clearly visible, add clear CTA, make sure the form colors are not affecting the readability on your blogs, don’t use pop-ups, and ask for information that is absolutely necessary.

Take inspiration from industry leaders. See the examples below;

This is a subscription form from TechCrunch, which is placed just below their article.

Use exit pop-up form

An exit popup is a popup that is shown on a user’s screen when he/she is trying to leave the website.

It may come as a surprise to you that bounce rate the website visitors can go as high as more than 90% in some industries.

Different user leaves websites for different reasons. Maybe they didn’t like the content of the page, or maybe they found something else in another tab of their browser.

Exit popup decrease bounce rate by offering something in return to stay on the website.

And using exit popup form on your website to build your email list is a sure way to your success.

Building email list, at its core, is finding people and collecting their contact details who may be interested in your offerings. You don’t want to send email to people who are not interested in your offering, as it will do you more harm than good.

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