E-mail verification tools are on the hype these days and companies are spending dollars with global data services to get their b2c and b2b email list, in-house or acquired from b2b email list providers, verified through these online services.

Are these e-mail verification services doing justice to your bad b2c or b2b email list, in-house or acquired from b2b database providers?

The answer is NO, yes a big NO.

They have created a platform that any developer could create just to determine how many e-mails are valid by pinging the domain and e-mail syntax. This task can also be done by MailTester at no cost! The thing is they don’t have bulk e-mail verification services. So, they can only test one e-mail at a time.

You might be wondering, how is this possible, that e-mail verification services are of no use?

I will explain you how.

Once you upload a b2c or b2b email list, in-house or acquired from email list providers, to any e-mail verification service provider, it would give you four straight results, which are VALID, ACCEPT ALL, INVALID and UNKNOWN. They recommend only sending an e-mail to VALID e-mails as they are only safe to send and whitelisted e-mails which are entirely not true.

To get more depth into this, let’s first define ACCEPT ALL and UNKNOWN e-mails?

ACCEPT ALL – The host is set up to accept all e-mails and hence such e-mail cannot be verified, it can be deliverable or may not be a deliverable e-mail. There is always 50% chance of getting it delivered or undelivered. The ACCEPT ALL server is set-up by companies to protect their users.

UNKNOWN – It would return the verification result as “Unknown” if the response from the recipient’s server is too slow or temporarily unavailable. Again, there is a high chance these e-mails are deliverable.

50-60% E-mails from ACCEPT ALL or UNKNOWN servers would be deliverable and hence there is no way to confirm!

The best possible way is to send an e-mail campaign and find out what is the percentage of e-mails are deliverable under ACCEPT ALL or UNKNOWN categories.

It’s quite obvious that you don’t want to miss out on contacts which have a chance of getting the e-mail delivered.

The biggest challenge in the market is you cannot send an e-mail campaign to ACCEPT ALL or UNKNOWN categorized e-mail addresses from MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant Contact or any other reputed e-mail campaign tool as they will simply block your E-mail campaign Account.

I hope you may have now figured out these e-mail verification services does not bring the best value to your spent dollar as they can only confirm Valid or Invalid e-mails on your b2c or b2b email list, in-house or acquired from b2b database providers.

It’s like black and white, hey what about the grey matter?

How can you get the best value for your dollar?

How can you get contacts from ACCEPT ALL and UNKNOWN categories from b2b database providers with deliverable e-mail?

The answer is with us, Infotanks Media List Verification services.

Now what we do bring extra spice and get you the value of your dollar?

We would run your b2c or b2b email list, in-house or acquired from database provider, through these e-mail verification services like Briteverify, Zerobounce or Neverbounce and then run an e-mail campaign through our whitelisted e-mail servers to exactly verify delivered e-mail addresses in the recipient’s inbox. The complete E-mail campaign service would be completely executed by our external marketing team and your brand name would not be revealed.

At the end of the campaign, you would have ALL DELIVERED E-MAILS AND BETTER ROI ON EACH DOLLAR SPENT.

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